My Favourite Meal

Bloganuary prompt: What is your favourite meal to cook and/or eat?

Again, this is not an easy question to answer 🙂 I like to cook and I also like eating.

I like to try new recipes we find (mostly) online. Cooking at home is so much better for our bodies and our budget. If I rely on creating things on my own, I often get into a rut and cook the same four recipes over and over.
Things don’t always work out. Sometimes a recipe is ok but we don’t want to have it again. But once in a while, a recipe comes along that we will want to “keep in the rotation” meaning that we want to eat it regularly.

My personal favourite is actually a combination of recipes:

  • Tandoori Chicken by Taylor Stinson and
  • Naan by King Arthur Baking

I actually wrote a blog post about this: Tandoori Chicken Naan that includes links to the recipes.

It is typical that this combination includes bread 🙂 in this case, it is bread that doesn’t contain sourdough and is baked fresh in a dry cast iron pan.
In the summer, when it is very hot I often grill the marinated chicken on the BBQ.

If you feel inspired, try this combo and please let me know how you liked it!

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Meal”

  1. I certainly want to learn to make naan, but I feel like mine won’t be half as good as the one I get from the restaurant

  2. I have certainly had naan that was better. But I also had naan that was much worse. The big advantage of making it from scratch is that it is fresh and YOU can decide how greasy you want it.

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