When stores ran out of yeast because of the pandemic, I started my sourdough journey.

2023 House Bread

Over the last year or so I have experimented with different flours and methods. The result is what I call our “House Bread” It is a sourdough loaf with 100% hydration. We like bread with a large percentage of whole grains and smaller, even holes in the crumb.

High Protein Banana Bread

Especially because of his recent passing, the Banana song by Harry Belafonte seemed a good fit for this post.

We Almost Lost These Microorganisms

Fortunately, the pandemic caused a lot of people to start baking with their own, wild cultures again. Many of us have not stopped and because of this, we have increased the biodiversity in microbes that was seriously threatened. We saved the treasure that would have been lost.

Tandoori Chicken Naan

Our favourite recipe combination of 2021
I know, this post is stretching the category “Baking” and it doesn’t even use sourdough, but I feel like I need to tell you about our favourite recipe combination of the summer.

Sourdough Discard Pie

My first attempt at baking a pie from scratch. I obviously have to slow down and learn more about technique for new recipes. This uses a lot of discard and that is what i was looking for. It also uses a lot of butter 😉 .

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