2023 House Bread

Over the last year or so I have experimented with different flours and methods. The result is what I call our “House Bread” It is a sourdough loaf with 100% hydration. We like bread with a large percentage of whole grains and smaller, even holes in the crumb.

Here is the recipe and I share some tips below. You can find more about my methods in earlier blog posts.



  • 60 grams fed, bubbly starter
  • 366 grams warm water (Our tap water does not contain chlorine)
  • 100 grams organic sprouted spelt flour
  • 150 grams organic whole wheat flour
  • 250 grams white bread flour
  • 9 grams salt
  • 25 grams quinoa
  • 10 grams ground flax seed
  • 50 grams walnut pieces



My starter has a 160 year history but you can use any starter that works well. I feed my starter 50% whole wheat and 50% white bread flour twice a day. I keep it in the fridge until about two days before I want to start my bread.

I like to find a place for my dough that is at least 22 degrees centigrade. If it is cooler, the dough develops a lot slower. Make sure you watch the dough closely if your house is a lot warmer.

Did you try this recipe? Do you have questions? Let me know in the comments!

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