Feedback Instrument

To be effective instructors, we need to find ways to check in with our students. This feedback can guide us to being more efficient and providing a better experience for our students.

A Safe Space To Learn

In such a cauldron of difference, there will be few standardized practices that help students across the board learn essential skills or knowledge. An approach that one student finds particularly useful or congenial may well be unsettling and confusing to the student sitting next to them. Stephen D. Brockfield

Learning What a Blacksmith Does

It was a tiring day but also very fulfilling. I learned to make a dinner triangle and a striker out of two pieces of metal. How to heat the material, how to pound it, twist it and bend it. I learned how to build the fire and how much patience is needed.

Living With A Poet

I'm a lucky guy! I have many things to be grateful for but one of the best things is sharing my life with Michele who (among a lot of things) is a poet.