Dr Tony Bates

A Closer Look at Learning Theory

Traditionally, theoretical knowledge in Trades education is taught in lectures and rote learning from textbooks. While the practical part of Trades training is more constructivist in nature. In the practical application of trades, we must adjust to constantly changing circumstances and challenges.

Slide explaining PIGS Face

Group Work Doesn’t Have To Suck

Experience tells us that students either think that they are doing the work for everyone else or that they don’t need to put in an effort.
Let’s look at some factors we can bring into play that can make group work suck less.

To PID And Beyond

After completing this PIDP course 3260 I will have twenty of the required thirty points to receive my Provincial Instructor Diploma.
I enjoy learning to become a better instructor and there will always be more to learn.

Cultural Safety Education

I know the ins and outs of European trades tradition but almost nothing about the local traditions from before Europeans started dominating what is Canada today.

I have much to learn and today I am committing to start this learning journey.

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