2023 House Bread

Enjoy your healthier sourdough bread.

Over the last year or so I have experimented with different flours and methods. The result is what I call our "House Bread" It is a sourdough loaf with 100% hydration. We like bread with a large percentage of whole grains and smaller, even holes in the crumb.

We Almost Lost These Microorganisms

Fortunately, the pandemic caused a lot of people to start baking with their own, wild cultures again. Many of us have not stopped and because of this, we have increased the biodiversity in microbes that was seriously threatened. We saved the treasure that would have been lost.

Sourdough Baking – The Baking Process

On August 24th I am going to demonstrate sourdough baking to my colleagues during a company conference. Obviously I don't have two days for this (45 minutes actually). I will talk about my tools and methods live and I have created two videos to speed things up. Practice Online Seminar https://youtu.be/eCQIcnfnY3I Starter Time Lapse https://youtu.be/KneBQuYDXRg