What Is My Mission?

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Bloganuary prompt: What is your mission?

If you read my previous posts and the “about” page, you know that I started baking sourdough bread when the stores ran out of yeast at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have been baking sourdough bread almost every week since then.

In 2021, I taught an internal sourdough course at our company conference and had great fun.

Over the years, more people watched the video and started making their own bread. This makes me happy because I love it when people are empowered to make something on their own that improves their lives.

At the same time, I started experimenting and developing my own recipes. I also learned more about how to teach during my studies to become a certified instructor.

At the end of 2023, I decided to take my passion for sourdough and teaching and created a new website: Sourdough.Guide.
Here I share my recipes, some foundational knowledge and step-by-step courses to help you learn how to make your own, healthier bread at home.
I focus on beginners and easy recipes.

It is a lot of work and it may always remain a “passion project” but when I think about all of this I know it is my mission.

Mission Statement for Sourdough Guide

My Mission is to help home bakers bake healthier bread for their family and friends.
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