Living a Very Long Life

Bloganuary prompt: What are your thoughts on living a very long life?

We started watching the Netflix show “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” where Dan Buettner tries to find out why people in certain areas of the world live longer lives than anywhere else.

We haven’t finished the series yet, but he finds out various factors like diet, community and exercise.

It is heartening to see happy 100+ year-olds laughing and making jokes about their secrets. And it makes me think about the fact that, even if I live a very long life, I am entering the last third of my life (I turn 60 in August). With advancing technology and science there may be a way for me to get very old.

Buettner is always careful to specify that he is seeking people who live until they are very old and who enjoy a high quality of life. This factor is the key here I think. It might be nice to live to 100 but there are a few factors I worry about:

  • My body is already creaking and feeling worn out now – will it begin to break down more and more?
  • It is getting harder and harder to sustain the modest lifestyle we have right now. But what happens after I stop earning a wage that keeps up with the rising cost of living?
  • Our system is set up for continuous growth. We can’t sustain this irresponsible way of mistreating our planet. Will the younger generations begin to resent having to support an ageing population?
  • Our generation has thoroughly wrecked the climate and we refuse to make significant changes to address the climate catastrophe. I am very worried about the next generations living with the consequences – do I really want to be part of this experience?

As mentioned a few days ago, thoughts about the future are often anxiety-inducing and I don’t dwell on them a lot.

Do I want to live a long life? Maybe one where I have a good quality of life and remain able to make life better for those around me.

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