My Favourite Snack

photo of Frithjof's Scones

Bloganuary prompt: What snack would you eat right now?

My favourite snacks are scones. The bigger the better and maybe with fruit in them. Crunchy on top and soft in the middle.

Part of why scones are my favourite may lie in my history. When I first came to Canada, the Muffin Break chain was very exotic to me. I had never seen Scones or Muffins in Germany. I had never even smelled flavoured coffee and it all seemed very exotic to me.

I remember walking into a steamy Muffin Break cafe in Vancouver and feeling overwhelmed by all of these impressions.

Muffin Break logo

Here is a link to the recipe for the scones in the picture

Earl Grey Scones by Baking Me Hungry

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  1. I love scones too! And I think it’s fascinating and surprising that you had never seen scones or muffins in Germany. Are they more common there now?

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