Five Things I Do For Fun

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Bloganuary prompt: List five things you do for fun

While it seems ridiculous for such a common word, I looked up the definition of “fun” in the dictionary. One of the results surprised and educated me.

From Merriam Webster

Dictionary definition of fun

I also found out that “funner” is actually a word!

For this post, I chose to look at fun as anything that brings me enjoyment. Is it anything but work? No, because I try to have fun at work too and often succeed. It would be sad when such a big part of my life was spent doing something where I could not find any fun.


If you have visited my blog before, you probably saw that I draw. I have tried to learn how to draw for most of my life. But poor instruction and negative messaging prevented me from practicing when I was younger.

Originally, I wanted to learn how to draw to learn how to carve (that one is still on the list). But this hoppy has taken on a life of its own somehow. I have taken part in Inktober 2022 and 2023 and since August 2023 I have been following the prompts of #inktober52.

I love improving my skills and learning new techniques. Slowly I seem to develop my own style.


I have had many “careers” in my life, and when I look back, all of the positions I enjoyed most involve teaching people. From apprenticeship training to helping people start a new life in a foreign country to teaching at a trades college, I always sought out teaching positions.


As I write this, I am completing the last step of a four-year journey to earn my Provincial Instructor Diploma. I learned a lot in the program and most of what I learn I share in the “Teaching” section of this blog.

Life-long learning is very important to me and I don’t think I will ever stop learning more things.


I used to hate baking 🙂 it seemed to be too restrictive and my results were less than what I aspired to. I do however enjoy eating bread and I did use our breadmaker occasionally. When the stores ran out of yeast at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I started baking sourdough bread. Since then I have baked bread almost every weekend and developed a real passion for creating healthier bread for my family and friends.

Combining teaching and baking (double the fun), I started teaching a class for a company conference. Over the years quite a few people have started baking after watching the recording.

This January I took the next step and created the website

Here I publish courses, recipes and interesting articles for home bakers who want to learn how to bake healthier bread.

Home page of


Succulents seemed to be the only things that survived my sporadic watering patterns and I received more and more of them as gifts. At some point, I embraced this as a new hobby and learned a lot about how to treat succulents. I ended up building a little box for them and even installed grow lights in our kitchen.

picture of my succulents
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