Continue, Awareness, Endeavour Are My 3 Words for 2024

Today’s Bloganuary prompt didn’t inspire me so I decided to tell you about my three guiding words for 2024.
Right now they seem very appropriate and we will see what I have to say about them at the end of the year.

Chris Brogan started to set his 3 Words every year and a lot of people have followed along.

Coming up with words myself seemed difficult so my partner Michele pointed out this post by Morgan Harper Nicols:

I first thought that choosing random words would be…. well too random but what came out of this was actually very interesting.


I started out 2023 with set expectations, grand hopes and plans. When life (as usual) didn’t deliver what I expected I struggled to cope with it.

It took a lot of coaching by Michele and some therapy to deal with this disappointment.

I also learned that what gave me stability and progress was to “stay the course” to continue what I was doing without exactly knowing where it would lead.

I learned that life is wonderful and hardly ever gives you exactly what you expect. But there are plenty of happy moments and successes to be found along the way anyway.

Continue in 2024 means to me to keep rolling with what life gives me while keeping long-term goals and intentions in mind. Continue learning, loving, caring, ranting, baking, living.


(Self)awareness is such an interesting skill to practice. 2023 has certainly given me opportunities to be more aware of what I was feeling and how that affects others around me.

My daily meditation practice helps with this in some ways. I am getting better at being more present in the moment and noticing what is going on in this very moment, rather than what I perceive is happening. This is a constant practice and I don’t always succeed.
However, even noticing faster what is going on in the moment helps with staying calm and in control.

Awareness in 2024 means to me that I will continue to be aware of what is going on with me but also of the signals coming from those around me.


I would have not chosen the word for myself but sometimes randomness is a good thing. I like the details on this image and I can work with that.

“You are free to challenge yourself while also being gentle with yourself” is the perfect motto for this year!

I trust that there are going to be new opportunities. I will be aware of what is going on in me and around me and I will continue with those things that serve my loved ones and myself.

What are your three words?

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