I Don’t Like Phone Calls

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Bloganuary prompt: In what ways do you communicate online?

I hate phone calls (there, I said it 😉 )

Many people lament the old times when people had to “talk to each other” either in person or by phone.
The little introverted me likes online conversations much better, most of the time.

It all started when I worked in a satellite office in Frankfurt, Germany many years ago. I began feeling isolated and emailing my colleagues in Berlin seemed too “official” to just exchange a few words like you would if you would meet at the coffee station or in the hall of a bigger office.

Fortunately, my colleagues agreed to install Skype and keep the lines open that way. In those days Skype was probably the only way to chat online and it worked great for what I needed.

Fast forward twenty years and I still prefer emailing suppliers rather than calling them. I have turned off my phone’s voicemail and replaced it with a message to send me a text….

Recently I am getting more comfortable with video calls and I hope people use video calls more often. Our company just switched the phone system to MS Teams and I think I will begin setting up internal calls as video calls. Somehow it seems nicer to be able to see the person you are talking to on the screen. At least you have facial expressions to go with the voice transmission.

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