I am an uninvited guest on the unceeded (stolen) land of the Syilx Okanagan people. Since I no longer have to worry about reach, clicks and SEO, I can just share what I want. I am passionate about adult education, sourdough and improving my art. But I am known to write about anything I feel like :-)

To PID And Beyond

After completing this PIDP course 3260 I will have twenty of the required thirty points to receive my Provincial Instructor Diploma.
I enjoy learning to become a better instructor and there will always be more to learn.

Cultural Safety Education

I know the ins and outs of European trades tradition but almost nothing about the local traditions from before Europeans started dominating what is Canada today.

I have much to learn and today I am committing to start this learning journey.

Feedback Instrument

To be effective instructors, we need to find ways to check in with our students. This feedback can guide us to being more efficient and providing a better experience for our students.

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